The world of Drones has arrived! These small flying machines, and sometimes not so small, have evolved into a major new industry that is expanding at an incredible growth rate. Once only used as a recreational hobby, they are now poised to bring a revolution to commercial use as delivery vehicles!

There are new programs, approved by the FAA that allow for trials for delivery by drones to residential locations. Both FedEx and UPS are involved with these trials that promise some real changes to small package delivery in the not too distant future. An FAA Standard Part 135 air carrier certificate is now a requirement for Single pilot drone operations.

As recently as September 2019, a UPS flight conducted its first package delivery when it flew medical supplies to WakeMed’s hospital campus in Raleigh, NC.

These small flying machines started life as toys for youngsters decades ago. In the beginning, they were not very functional, had very short battery life, and almost always destroyed themselves in any type of hard landing.

Then new nanotechnology made a big splash with the addition of cameras for photos, videos, GPS connectivity, and many new and exciting features. A new world has dawned. Prepare to be blown away by this new rapidly evolving industry.


Commercial Drone Delivery approval



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