This is your page for any specific topic of conversation that may be of interest to you, either as a pilot, a co-pilot, or anyone wanting the scoop on the talk that takes place in the cockpit of today’s outstanding flying machines.

There are many controversial topics that have evolved over the past four decades in the cockpit. They range on a wide set of issues. Everything from the control of the airplane, seniority, salary scales, electronic technology advances, navigation, near misses, and possible collision with bird strikes and drones!

These are serious issues and we welcome your questions and will research whatever is important to the future of the aviation community in the cockpit.

I will start the conversation with my own personal opinion and ask for your feedback to join the discussion.

“Too Much Technology in the Cockpit” and not enough of the basic control of an airplane. As a Flight Training instructor from the old traditional school, every pilot knew how to actually fly an aircraft with hands-on experience. In many of today’s cockpits, the co-pilot is a computer savvy person with little actual handling experience of a large aircraft. He or she is more knowledgeable about the computerization of the aircraft and its electronics.

And frankly, the aviation industry has evolved so rapidly over the past half-century, that it boggles the mind that we have not had more “pilot error” incidents such as the two 737 Max Jet crashes. This story is yet to be completely told, however, it is very evident from preliminary findings that the technology advances incorporated in the Max Jet were not fully understood by the flight crew and may have been a causative factor in the ultimate demise of both aircraft and the deaths of all passengers and crew members.

You are invited to join the conversation on this topic or any other that is of interest to you. We welcome your feedback and opinion.


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