In a groundbreaking move, Amazon has unveiled its ambitious plan to introduce drone delivery services in Europe. The retail giant has set its sights on the United Kingdom and Italy, with a projected launch date scheduled for the coming year. By the end of 2024, customers in undisclosed locations will experience the convenience of drone deliveries. This technological leap is poised to redefine the way we receive packages, as Amazon sets its sights on the skies.


Exploring Trial Areas for Drone Delivery


While Amazon already offers drone deliveries in two American states for items weighing up to 2.2 kilograms, its European expansion is characterized by close collaboration with European and national regulatory authorities. To ensure full compliance with regulations, the company is working diligently behind the scenes. Soon, they will reveal the first trial areas in Europe where drone deliveries will be available to eager customers.


Streamlined Ordering Process


In this pioneering delivery method, customers will have the option to choose drone delivery during the order placement process. If this service is available in their vicinity, customers can simply select it as their preferred delivery method. After confirming the order, an Amazon drone will gracefully take flight, navigating the skies to reach the customer’s garden, where it will drop off the eagerly awaited package before making its return journey.

David Carbon, the Vice President of Amazon Prime Air, highlights the enormous demand for this cutting-edge technology. Customers will gain access to a vast array of products, each weighing 2.2 kilograms or less. This includes everything from everyday essentials like dish soap and toothbrushes to luxury beauty products and batteries, as long as they fit within a compact shoebox-sized package.


Navigating with GPS Precision


For customers seeking the thrill of drone delivery, a preliminary approval process is required. The drones, equipped with advanced GPS technology, need a spacious landing area. In the United States, customers place a designated marker embedded with a QR code on their lawn to guide the drone to the precise delivery spot. In the United Kingdom, Amazon is pioneering markerless delivery, with drones autonomously identifying delivery locations through GPS coordinates.

These innovative deliveries will be executed by a compact and quieter MK30 drone, which Amazon is set to unveil by the close of 2023. This next-generation drone is designed to operate seamlessly in light rain and wind conditions, offering a delivery range of up to 12 kilometers.




Amazon’s foray into drone delivery across Europe signifies a giant leap forward in the world of e-commerce and logistics.

The integration of cutting-edge technology, a seamless ordering process, and the assurance of regulatory compliance make this service a game-changer. As Amazon soars to new heights, customers in the United Kingdom and Italy can look forward to experiencing a delivery method like never before.

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