Aviation news confirms that Net Jets, the undisputed leader of providing private aircraft worldwide, mainly for corporate travelers, announced that it has a new partnership with Cellex ® of North Carolina. This partnership has allowed NetJets to assist with the movement and transportation of medical supplies and equipment from China to the United States to help with the Pandemic outbreak. 

On Friday, May 1st. Four NetJets Bombardier Global 6000s set out for Shanghai, China, and returned with half-million Covid-19 antibody tests. It was quite an achievement, and within 36 hours of departing Shanghai, the tests were being administered to frontline health care and first responders in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

NetJets, in operation since May 1964, operates a large fleet of corporate aircraft that provides flights on a national and international basis. Incorporate jargon, Netjets offers what is called “Fractional Aircraft Ownership” and well recognized for outstanding service and safety to its clients.

NetJets has a fleet of over 800 corporate business jets and with different sizes of aircraft models and the type of passenger seating from which to choose.


A part of the NetJet FleetThe interior of a corporate jet






The outstanding service provided by NetJets is an exclusive type of aviation service that is not inexpensive. However, it does offer an unparalleled degree of security, comfort, and convenience not matched by any commercial airline.

Recently, Aviation News has reported that financial genius Warren Buffet had sold all of his 8 billion investment in the US airline industry, which he had shied away from investing in for decades. However, Warren Buffet is the proud owner of a corporate jet that allows him to travel around the world at a moment’s notice without any inconveniences suffered by regular airline travelers.

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