Aviation news update! Recently an Embraer EMB 120 carrying medical supplies to help fight the coronavirus Pandemic in the Southern Bay region crashed on approach to Baidoa Airport in Somalia. The aircraft was operated by African Express Airways at the time of the accident. The aircraft was on a charter for a non-governmental organization. None of the passengers and crew members survived the crash.

The EMB-120 model aircraft, a very safe twin-engine turbo-prop airplane, manufactured in Brazil has an outstanding safety record. There have been 354 EMB-120’s built since the first flight in July 1983.  

There is much speculation about the cause of the crash, which is under investigation. Early reports claim that the aircraft may have been shot down by a rocket.  Somalia is not a stable country in the region and the Islamist militant group al Shabaab has been very active in the area.

On February second, 2016, al Shabaab targeted an international flight operated by Somalia based on Daallo Airlines. Shortly after takeoff, a suicide bomber detonated, killing himself and injuring two other people. The aircraft, while damaged, was able to return to the airport safely.


Embraer EMB-120 Brazilia


Authors word: I was present for the initial roll-out of the first flight of the EMB-120 Brazilia aircraft in San Jose dos Campos, in Southern Brazil in 1983. I was impressed by the quality of the aircraft and its unique styling.


Dave Rohee

Freelance Journalist