This is the saga of the Boeing 737 Max Jet! The two crashes of this type of aircraft and the deaths of over 300, stunned the world and affected the major aircraft manufacturer known for many successful new planes developed over the decades, many with excellent safety records.

The same cannot be said for the 737 Max Jet. While the 737 story has an excellent pedigree, starting with the advent of the Model 737-100 in 1967. It was nicknamed as the “Baby Boeing” and started off as 50-60 seat mid-size aircraft.

Over the last 5 decades, the 737 has evolved into many models, more seating capacity, larger and more efficient engines, and a host of additional safety features and new technology upgrades.

The unfortunate saga of the 737 Max Jet is as yet unfinished. Read the story from this experienced pilot’s perspective. We will keep updating this story as the Max Jet saga unfolds.