A brief introduction to “Women in Aviation.”

The following article is an overview of a new and exciting STEM program, developed in collaboration with the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA). While the AMWA has authored many leading breakthrough educational programs over the years, this new program is focused specifically on girls and young women to generate interest in a future career in Aviation and Aerospace.

Historically in military and commercial aviation, women have overlooked this profession, and the statistics have proven this fact. This program is seeking to encourage more young women to choose this exciting career opportunity.

We will be selecting aviation companies, aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and the military to showcase women who have navigated their way to success in this profession. Initially, we are showcasing women pilots in the military and commercial aviation industry.

If your organization is interested in being an integral part of this unique educational project that will be available to schoolgirls nationwide (K-12), please be sure to let us know!

We invite participants (corporations, agencies, foundations, etc.) to contribute to this unique project.


Thank you for your consideration, and look forward to hearing from you.

Article submitted by;

Dave Rohee
Retired Airline Pilot